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Hartzell Air Movement

Hartzell Air Movement

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Welcome to Hartzell

For more than 140 years, the family owned Hartzell companies have been synonymous with top of the line quality and industry altering innovations. The company displays its dedication and extensive knowledge within each of its divisions – Hartzell Air Movement and Hartzell Hardwoods. Hartzell Air Movement currently encompasses both axial and centrifugal fans built for longevity within the rigorous requirements necessary for industrial environments. Hartzell Hardwoods is known throughout the world as a leading producer of fine walnut lumber as well as top quality thick stock red and white oak lumber. Throughout history, the Hartzell affiliated companies contain remarkable integrity, dedication, and innovation which will remain a staple in our corporate culture of quality, value, and commitment.


  • Proud American, family-owned company with 140 years of hardwood industry experience
  • Worldwide leader processing premium walnut and thick oak lumber


  • Consistently provide superior quality lumber sourced from the most reputable mills
  • Utilize proprietary processes to dry, grade, sort, and package premium hardwoods
  • Offer large inventory and product flexibility through facilities in Ohio and Missouri


  • As the original walnut company, relationships are the foundation of our business
  • Help customers achieve higher yields through innovative, customized solutions
  • Do not compete with our customers and suppliers

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We continue to diversify our market base as well as keeping the advances in technology on the front burner, as we have characterized throughout our 140-year history.

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Hartzell Hardwoods

Hartzell Air Movement